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We Love To Do Things Differently

Mise At Merchant (formerly Mise En Place Gourmet) is a fine food distributor servicing the hospitality industry for the past 11 years, listening and learning from chefs about what they want, whilst keeping a sharp eye on emerging food trends.


As well as the staples, we love to hunt down and procure some of the most tantalising ingredients along with new and exciting products to launch in market. 


We are proud suppliers of the Dirt(y) range of Australian (single origin) legumes, Tasmanian wakame and their Australian red skin peanut oil as well as Olsson’s Sea Salts, ALTO premium Australian finishing vinegars and oils, Petrossian caviar, Due Vittorie balsamic vinegars, Boiron French purees and more.  


Stock up on the basics with a complete range of grains, flour and rice or work some food magic with IRCA - Italian couverture chocolate (from Lombardy), 24 carat gold leaf and Feuilletine crepe crumb.  


No French lover will be without Edouard Artzner L’Art du Foie Gras, Pommery mustard or Boiron’s famed purees, just as Japanese enthusiasts will lust after a comprehensive selection of seaweeds, flavoured sesame seeds, exotic Japanese fruits, Dashi, Shiso syrup and vinegars or hard to find Japanese four leaf clovers and Cherry Blossom puree.


Also available, subject to seasonality are Italian Porcini and French Chanterelle mushrooms, Morelles, fresh truffles and more.


If you’re looking for it – we probably stock it with an impressive range of hard to find,  artisan products on hand.



Our range is constantly expanding to include products that are in demand by our wonderful clients.

If you're interested in seeing our current fine foods range, simply send us an email and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

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